BFA Safety & Security Project

The Maple Run Unified School District Board of Directors has approved a bond proposal in the amount of $5,722,153 to address the issue of school safety and security at BFA. This project will consist of renovations to the 1889 Hospital Building, a sprinkler system in the South Building, and the construction of a new connector to link our campus buildings together.  Watch the televised presentation below:



  • The new connector will link our North and South Buildings.
  • It will feature a reception area, a conference room, and a restroom.
  • A secured vestibule will ensure guests are identified and signed in before allowing them to enter the school.
  • Students will be shielded from hazardous weather conditions when crossing between buildings. Our maintenance staff and contractors will no longer have to continually clear the walkway whenever snow and ice are present.
  • The connector will reduce the frequency of unauthorized persons passing through the BFA campus.
  • A centralized conference room will allow visitors and faculty to conduct meetings in a confidential space away from classrooms.
  • Relocation of our bus circle will create approximately 22 parking spaces on our campus.

1889 Hospital Building

  • The 1889 Hospital Building is in a state of disrepair. The project will include new decking, brick repair, windows, doors, selective replacement of existing roofs, replacement of rotted trim, and reinforcement of the cafeteria floor.
  • The damaged and broken sidewalks around the buildings will be repaired and replaced to conform to the new traffic and parking configuration.

South Building

  • A sprinkler system will be installed throughout the South Building, as required by the Division of Fire Safety.
  • Three single-phase transformers will be removed from the existing electrical room and replaced with a new exterior transformer and electrical service to the school.
  • New fire doors will be installed in select areas to maintain and improve exits in all three buildings.