Al Corey

Al Corey

Al worked in radio for 22 years.  He worked at BFA for 28 years and has served on the school board for BFA for 12 years.  

What is your reason/motivation to serve on the MRUSD?
It's important that the new district is mindful of the taxpayers, but makes sure that all students have equal access. acorey@maplerun.org
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Steven LaRosa

Steven LaRosa

I have been fortunate to call St. Albans my home for the past 26 years. I'm married and have two children, one in college and the other a junior at BFA. Formerly a research technician at the UVM Entomology Lab, I have now been part of the staff at the St. Albans Free Library for the past eight years. Outside of work, I enjoy books, old movies, running, biking, baking, talking about food and, yes, eating.

What is your reason/motivation to serve on the MRUSD Board?
I believed that unification was in our best interest and wanted to be a part of moving it forward. 

What makes our schools/our school district unique/special? What can you tell the public about our school/school district that the community needs to hear/know?
All of our schools are unique, as each community imparts its own stamp on what's important to them and their children's education. As a new member of this board I've been impressed by the truly wonderful, caring, and hardworking teachers, staff, administrators and community members who are committed to our children's futures. We are truly fortunate, and I am honored to be a part of it. slarosa@maplerun.org
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Jack McCarthy

Jack Mccarthy

Jack hails originally from Delaware, where he served as a teacher, principal, and Director of Secondary Education. In Vermont, he was the Principal of Missisquoi Valley Union High School before serving 15 years as the Superintendent of Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union. 

Jack holds a BA from American University and an MA and Doctorate from the University of Delaware in Education Leadership. Jack lives in St. Albans with his wife, Pam. They have four grown children and five grandchildren. Jack currently serves as Interim Principal of Hazen Union School.  jmccarthy@maplerun.org
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Originally from Massachusetts where I graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Clark University (Psychology and English), I moved with my husband to Fairfield Hill partly in St. Albans Town and partly in Fairfield when our children started school.

Along with my work experience as a long term sub at SATEC and grant director and consultant at Franklin Central Supervisory Union (FCSU), I was also a special education teacher in BaltimoreCounty, Maryland, an SRS Social worker with teens in St. Albans, a homebound tutor and a certified volunteer ombudsman. I currently serve on the St. Albans Free Library Board and as a hospice worker Franklin County Home Health. I love to read and to learn; to visit my family in other states, and to discuss politics and spend time with friends.

What is your reason/motivation to serve on the MRUSD board?
Having been a member of the Act 46 Committee and a BFA Board member for 11 years, I wanted very much to be part of the operational unified board as envisioned during the planning process.

What makes our schools/our school district unique/special. What can you tell the public about our school/school district that the community needs to hear/know?
Our curriculum is excellent!

We have some impressive opportunities for all students within our unified schools, offering a blend of important basic and advanced academic skills, vocational/technology studies, and even liberal arts, enhanced drama and music. 

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Nilda Gonnella-French, Clerk


Nina Hunsicker, Vice-Chair


Jeff Morrill


Susan Casavant Magnan


Alisha Sawyer


Joanna Jerose


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