About NWTC

The Northwest Technical Center (NWTC) is a regional technical center located in St. Albans, Vermont. Our primary function is to serve 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students from Bellows Free Academy, Missisquoi Valley Union High School, and other interested students from the surrounding areas. NWTC also offers courses and programs to adult students–high school student graduates, as well as non-graduates–who are interested in continuing their technical education.

There are eleven programs to choose from at NWTC. Each program is offered in a two or three year sequence, meeting one to three periods per day, five days a week. The second year is a continuation of the first year, but offers advanced work and some specialization. The third year of a program is an optional year for students. They can choose to do an independent study, complete a third year of the classroom program, or work toward an on-the-job placement in their chosen field. Students enrolled in NWTC programs may receive equivalent credit in Math, Science and/or art. Some programs have agreements with area colleges that grant transcripted college credit (dual enrollment). All programs stress development of good work habits and desirable on-the-job behavior.