Digital Video Production is a project-based visual arts program that provides students with technical instruction and practical experiences for aspiring video and film makers in the production of film, video, and new media projects for business and entertainment. Students experience both the creative and technical aspects of filmmaking in conjunction with learning about historical and contemporary traditions and conventions. Students are instructed in the three stages of project creation. In pre-production, students learn the basic principles of story development, screenplay writing, storyboarding, scheduling, and budget planning. Instruction in the production stage includes basic visual composition, color theory, set up and operation of camera, sound, and lighting equipment. Students learn to use cutting-edge software applications for video and audio post-production. Mastering and delivery methods, in both traditional and new media, are explored. The course also includes the basics of job shadowing, internships, and job placement. The competencies in this course are aligned with the Vermont State Standards and the Vermont Career & Technical Education Standards.

Digital Video Production I – 70824

This class is an option for students in grades 10, 11 and 12. Admittance is based upon a completed application that reflects the student’s success in the following three areas:

  • Attendance
  • Attitude and behavior

Advancement toward grade-appropriate proficiency in English Language Arts

Digital Video Production II & III – 70825

This class is an option for all students who have participated in and met Digital Video Production I proficiencies.

Additional Program Information

Embedded Credit Credential Dual Enrollment CTSO
Science (.5 credit each year) Occupational Safety and Health Administration 10-hour OSHA-10 Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Photoshop

Community College of VT Intro to Film (3 credits) SkillsUSA
Specialty Modules: (One Period Electives) Digital Video Basics – 70819 Learn how to create short digital videos on the web.
Instructor: Anthony Sorrentino

Tel: (802) 527-6471
Email: asorrentino@maplerun.org