Medical Professions

This upper level program is designed for students who are planning to attend college or other medical training programs and pursue careers in medicine, nursing, physical therapy, radiologic imaging, laboratory technology, dental hygiene, veterinary technology, or sports medicine. Students will explore the symptoms of disease and wellness that may occur in the human body during a person’s life. These students will also have field placements in actual medical settings to help them apply their academic learning to real life situations. If you like working with people and you enjoy science and medical technology, consider this program.

Medical Professions I

This class is open to all 11th and 12th grade students who have demonstrated success in the following three areas:
    Attitude and Behavior
    Demonstrated grade-appropriate proficiency in Biology

Medical Professions II

This class is an option for all students who have participated in and met Medical Professions I proficiencies.

Additional Program Information

Embedded Credit:

  • Science ( .5 credit per year)
  • English (1 credit after 2nd year) 


  • Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA)
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician
  • First Aid
  • Bloodborne Pathogens

Dual Enrollment:

  • Human Biology (Community College of VT (CCV): 3 credits)
  • Medical Terminology (CCV: 3 credits)

Youth Group:


Julie Faas
Tel: (802) 527-6523
Email: jfaas@maplerun.org

Timothy Hurteau
Tel: (802) 527-6509
Email: thurteau@maplerun.org