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MRUSD  lists openings with SchoolSpring, an educational employment resource. Click the link to view available positions. Through School Spring you may upload a resume, submit an application, and sign up to receive updates.  

Current SchoolSpring Listing: 

Why do we require fingerprint record checks for K-12 education employment and certification?

Fingerprint-based background checks help to safeguard our children and strengthen public confidence in the integrity of public education. Here at MRUSD, we support educators and administrators, all of whom pay careful attention to the qualifications and background of potential new hires and applicants for certification. Fingerprint record checks are just one part of the rigorous process by which we select teaching, administrative, support and technical staff.

Benefits in Summary


We are usually always looking for valuable, reliable substitutes.

Being a Substitute:

The position of substitute teacher is great for men and women alike who are looking for either a flexible, part-time job or a full-time profession. The position is one of the most important jobs in education; however, it can be one of the most challenging. It takes a remarkable person to effectively adapt to the myriad situations that may be encountered as the substitute teacher fills in for the regular classroom teacher.

Although it is beneficial for a substitute to be a certified teacher, it is not a requirement. Persons without formal training in education can be successful substitutes. Those who enjoy substitute teaching usually have the following personality traits:

  • Desire to work with children ages 3-18
  • Relate well to students
  • Able to inspire a love of learning
  • Good sense of humor
  • Flexible – Able to adjust quickly to unique and changing circumstances
  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Fair
  • Consistent

Every substitute teacher must have a set of skills to use for managing students in the classroom. We ask all of our substitute teachers to complete a few short video training sessions and to comply with each of our school’s own substitute acclimation regimen.

MRUSD’s Central Office manages all substitute applicants. Persons may apply to be a substitute for any or all of our Campuses:

  • St. Albans City School
  • St. Albans Town Educational Center
  • Fairfield Center School
  • Bellows Free Academy Union High School
  • Northwest Technical Center
  • Early Childhood Programs

We require subs for paraeducators, clerical staff and custodial staff as well as for teachers.

Application Process:

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have at a minimum a High School Diploma or GED.

Applicants are required to provide copies of most recent transcripts as well as 3 references that are not friends or relatives. The folder of documents below contains a helpful checklist and all the necessary forms. 

In August of each year we will reach out to you to see if you wish to remain on our active sub list(s). However, please keep the HR Assistant, Diana Kelly, informed if you no longer wish to sub, your availability has changed, or your contact information changes.