Welcome to the Arts Department

The Fine and Performing Arts provides positive outlets for students, allows them an opportunity
to foster both critical thinking and problem solving and has been proven to improve grades
across the curriculum. The arts strengthen literacy, enhances self-esteem, develops essential
skills for global competitiveness in the 21st century, and stretches the brain in new and
necessary ways to create the innovation in students that the changing world demands.

Fine Arts


The Web Museum
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts


District Music Festival-HD 1080p from MRUSD Newmedia on Vimeo.

Spring_concert_2018_band2 from MRUSD Newmedia on Vimeo.

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Eric Bushey VT Music Educators conference presentation


The BFA Performing Art Center


Maple Run Day of Dance Registration: Click Here

Come to the Vermont State Dance Festival

At Lyndon Institute on Nov. 23rd! A bus will be going from BFA. Early bird registration for discounted prices is October 16th. If you would like to find out more, please visit: Click Here. See Ms. Kamitses for more information or to sign up!