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Licensed Nurse Assistants

Genesis HealthCare


Genesis HealthCare is ranked among top providers for overall satisfaction and quality health care. Our consistent growth and success is constant thanks to our fostering clinical expertise, partnerships, mentoring, and continuing education for our employees. Our dedication to recruiting and retaining compassionate, highly competent professionals further sustains our growth and empowers our success.

St. Albans Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is located in rural Northern Vermont, 5 miles from the local hospital and sits on a hill, overlooking Lake Champlain. St. Albans provides LongTerm Care, ShortStay Rehabilitation and Memory Impairment Services.

Birchwood Terrace in Burlington, VT

Our goal is to provide quality care to our patients and residents in a timely manner. If the care expectations of you or your loved one have not been met, we want to address your concerns. If you feel this issue is a compliance issue that should be investigated by the Kindred Support Center, please call our designated 24-hour Compliance Hotline at 1-800-359-7412.

Birchwood Terrace Healthcare

Adult Day-Time Opportunities

  • Adults without a high school diploma may enroll in daytime classes at NWTCon a space available basis at no charge.
  • Adults with a high school diploma may attend academic and vocational/technical classes on a space available basis at a reduced tuition charge.
  • Students may enroll in classes at BFA at the start of any semester. Classes at NWTC run the full year. Early application for NWTC classes is essential as programs fill up quickly.
  • Cooperative programs are available with Vermont Adult Learning allowing individuals without a high school diploma to access a mix of regular high school, technical education and adult education programs leading to a high school diploma.

All NWTC programs stress the development of good work habits and on the job behavior. NWTC courses meet 2+ hours per day, five days a week for the school year.

Regular day time classes at NWTC and BFA are offered from 7:30 A.M. to 2:25P.M.