Phlebotomy Training & Certification Program

The University of Vermont Medical Center has partnered with the Northwest Technical Center to develop a phlebotomy training and certification program. Northwest Technical Center has been approved by the National Healthcare Association to offer the nationally approved Phlebotomy Technician Certification Preparation course and to be a testing site for the Certified Phlebotomy Technician examination.

In order to sit for this certification, students must complete:

  • 84 classroom hours
  • 10 clinical hours
  • The basic venipuncture requirements as stated by the National Healthcare Association

The 24-week training course is offered in St. Albans and Burlington.

Each student will also complete up to 10 hours of clinical training in several local clinics or hospitals. A clinical experience at the University of Vermont Medical Center will be provided to a handful of enrolled students selected via a lottery. NWTC will assist other students with their clinical placements.

Phlebotomy at the UVM Medical Center

After completion of the training and certification, successful students will be given the opportunity to interview at the UVM Medical Center for open phlebotomy positions.

Phlebotomists are always in high demand. The UVM Medical Center has day, evening, night and weekend schedules. They also offer a career ladder that allows a phlebotomist to progress as their skill set grows. As the face of the lab you will have daily interactions with not only patients and families, but other health care professionals.

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