Fairfield Center School cares deeply about all students. Each student has a gift which adds to the vibrancy of our school. It is our job as educators to nurture and inspire all students to flourish to the best of their ability. In order to do this, we strive to build strong partnerships between home, school and the community. With support from community members, staff, and parents, Fairfield Center School thrives.

We advocate for what is best for students. We can best serve our students when community members, and especially parents, are committed to the school’s livelihood. Fairfield Center School provides many opportunities for family involvement. Our hope is that parents will attend school events as often as possible.

Some of the many programs that we offer include:

  1. Outdoor Classroom (including gardening, sugaring, watershed restoration, nature trails, etc.)

  2. Four Winds Nature Program

  3. Fairfield Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

  4. Hay Day and the Harvest Dinner

  5. Literacy and Math Nights

  6. Title I Annual Parent Meeting (usually in conjunction with literacy/math nights

  7. We Both Read books for parents to read with their children (grades K-3)

  8. Informational newsletters and brochures to help parents understand child development

  9. Home-School Communicator folders (grades K-5) and Student Planners (grades 6-8)

  10. Maple Run Unified School District board meetings (first and third Wednesdays)

In addition to participating in events, we ensure pathways for parents to have a voice regarding their children’s education. From school board meetings to open houses, we provide information parents need regarding the Title I program and solicit their opinions.

Communication is key. It is essential that Fairfield Center School establish and maintain effective communication so that we may work together to provide structure and support for all of our students. Fairfield Center School is committed to sharing information with parents through newsletters, events, and social media.

Fairfield Center School provides a foundation for a joyful learning community comprised of teachers, parents, and children. As a school, we have developed a partnership with parents and the community in order to create a high functioning academic environment, resulting in a calm, harmonious atmosphere where both adults and children love to be. As a school, our greatest ambition is to instill a love of learning, ownership, and pride at the Fairfield Center School.