For the time of year when weather might affect the school day

tree winter

The day may be affected in the following ways:

  1. School delayed two hours - in rare cases, because of changing weather conditions, schools may be closed after a two-hour delay announcement.

  2. Early Release

  3. School Day Cancelled

School Bus Winter

The primary focus in determining whether to alter the school day in response to weather conditions is student safety.

If students are able to get to school, we seldom close early due to inclement weather. The local and state road crews know when the afternoon buses depart from school, and we need to allow them an opportunity to prepare the roads.

The following factors will be considered when making a decision about the school day due to inclement weather:

Are the roads/highways safely passable?

Can pedestrians (on the way to and at school) move around safely?

Can the building exits be cleared in the event we need to evacuate?

(Being able to get into a building does not necessarily mean we can rapidly evacuate a building)

Can the buses travel safely?

While student safety is our primary concern, there will be occasions when school remains open in less than ideal weather conditions. When this happens, we have particular concern for the welfare of our teenage drivers. We know that icy and snow-covered roads are a challenge for any driver. Please be very deliberate before allowing a young driver to leave for school in inclement weather.

When school is in session, if you feel that road conditions are unsafe to send your child to school, you always have the freedom to keep your child home for the day.

When there is a change in the school day, an automated message will be delivered via email and/or telephone through the District's emergency notification system. Information is also posted on local television channels WPTZ and WCAX.