Daily Announcements for May 22, 2020
Judy Turner
Friday, May 22, 2020

Attention Students:  Monday, May 25th, is Memorial Day.  To make the most of our class time together, we will be shifting Monday's schedule to Friday. 

Schedule Memorial Day week:

Monday, May 25th - No School

Tuesday, May 26th - Gold

Wednesday, May 27th - Green

Thursday, May 28th - Gold

Friday, May 29th - Green

Connect with your advisor if you have any questions.

Driver's Education Update – TODAY IS THE DEADLINEStudents who have a Driver's Education application on file, and their permit date is prior to September 30, 2019, received the email below:

We will be offering an online driver's education class this summer, starting June 14th, and running through July 25th.  This only covers the classroom portion of the class; students will still need to drive and observe with instructors for six hours in order to schedule their final test with the DMV.  Due to the pandemic, we are not allowed to drive with students at this time. 

Furthermore, the DMV is not currently testing students.  The online portion of the class allows students to complete the required 30 hours of classroom instruction in the meantime.   Please check your email for a syllabus for the class.  Students can expect to spend five hours a week on this class.  Please respond TODAY, Friday, May 22, 2020, or there is a chance you may lose your position in the class.

Locker update:  We are currently working on contacting students by email once your locker items are ready to be picked up and scheduling a time for each of you to do so.  Please note:  This is an ongoing process and will take some time.  A time must be scheduled in order for a pickup to occur.  Shelves, photos, and supplies have been left locked in lockers for next school year.  If you are contacted to schedule a pickup time and would prefer to leave the items in your locker for next school year, you may ask us to do so.  Thank you for your patience.  You may schedule a time by emailing Judy Turner at jturner@maplerun.org.