Activities Week At-A-Glance 2022-2023


Unified Sports is part of the Vermont Special Olympics. We bring together students with and without intellectual disabilities. We play 5 sports and have a tournament at the end of each season. For Basketball, we are recognized by the VPA. So we have many games throughout the season ending with a state champion. All skill levels are encouraged to join.

Full year weekly on Thursdays

Kasia Bilodeau


The BFA Mercury is the longest continuously-running school newspaper in the state of Vermont (since 1930). The BFA Mercury staff produces news, op-ed, and feature articles for the paper. Additionally, staff take photos and produce video content to publish alongside articles. All grade-levels are welcome!

BFA's Journalism Club, which produces The Mercury, meets at 7:00 AM before school each Thursday. Please contact Mrs. Hebert with any questions at lhebert@maplerun.org.

Larissa Hebert


In Yearbook Club, we design, promote, and sell the BFA Yearbook. Assisted by teachers, students use an online computer program to create pages, and are also primarily responsible for taking the pictures that will end up in the yearbook. Our main goals are to capture the atmosphere of BFA-Saint Albans and include every student's picture in the book.

Being in the Yearbook Club allows students to have experience in photography/photoshop, computer/graphic design and writing creatively that combine to create a yearbook that captures the memories of our school year.

Yearbook Club offers many benefits to those who join. By the end of the school year, you will have produced a substantial and tangible product while on a deadline. Colleges like to see students with drive and strong time management skills, and working with a team to produce the school’s yearbook can be a great way to demonstrate your strengths in these areas.

In addition, not everyone has the same jobs in Yearbook Club, so there will probably also be different time commitments based on what aspect of the yearbook you’re working on.

Most people keep a copy of their high school yearbook and look at it from time to time, but how many can say that they actually helped produce this enduring memento?

Full year weekly Mondays/Thursdays

Jennifer Parent

Alisa Alyward


The BFA Theatre Company produces several shows throughout the year. Our largest production is The fall Musical. Stay tuned for audition notices! We also participate in the One Act Theatre Festival in March. Our closing event is Junior Jam. This is a student directed, short play competition where classes compete against each other. All are welcome! It’s an amazing way to meet new people and form strong and lasting friendships. No experience necessary! There is a place for all.

Full Year

Susan Palmer


Do you like trivia? Competition? Good times with friends? If so, then Scholars Bowl is the club for you!

Full Year

Nate Archambault

Chris Moore


If you enjoy shows like Whose Line is it Anyway or Saturday Night Live or simply enjoy Stand up Comedy, come and check out the BFA Improv Team. We meet twice a week after school to work on performance skills and simply to play and have fun. This group performs out in the community once a month while active. All levels of experience welcome. Feel free to just come and watch and check it out!


Susan Palmer


Video games, card games, board games, and more are found at the BFA gaming club. We have many current and retro consoles, or you can bring in your own system/portable to play. We play all kinds of video games that are appropriate for school, and also have many active groups playing current card games like Magic the Gathering. No sign-up is required, and all are welcome!

Chris Hungerford


This club provides a quiet space to get your homework completed. We also provide assistance as needed with your homework. No sign-up is required, come as often as you need to and stay as long as it takes to get your work done. All grade levels are welcome.

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 2:50- 4:00 pm in the Library

Penelope-Ann Gratton


The purpose of the GSA group is to have LGBTQ+ students and their allies create positive changes and a culture of support within our school community. We support LGBTQ+ students and teachers and remind them that this is a safe place for all, that we accept their differences, and respect them for who they are.

By entering this space and attending this group, you agree that everybody should be free from intimidation, harassment, and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.

Tuesdays 7:30-8 in the Library Project Space

Ashlie Olio

Nicole Schubert


This club is designed to read high-interest books and discuss in a relaxed environment. The members pick the books for the group to read. This club creates a reading community in a judgement free environment.

2nd & 4th Mondays 3-4 in W302

Polly Rico


The goal of this student-led group is to help promote mental health awareness and provide support to our classmates and teammates with their mental well-being. We do this by sponsoring events such as athletic awareness games, presentations, etc and we are intent on starting the conversation to help break the negative stigma that surrounds issues regarding mental health.

Mary Brouillette


This club provides a quiet space to get your homework completed and access to Library resources. No sign-up is required, come as often as you need to and ask for assistance in using the Library materials we have in our area. All grade levels are welcome.

Monday-Thursday 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Peter Jones