BFA has a long history of providing rich special education programming to diverse learners. We provide services to students with a wide variety of specialized programming.

The Learning Center has consulting teachers working with students who receive the majority of their instruction in the general education environment. The focus of the work is in co-teaching, and collaborative consultation with content area teachers. Students also receive special education support in an academic skills period.

The NOVUS program serves students with social-emotional needs who require some, or all of their general education credits in a smaller setting and with an alternative curricular design. Students are provided many opportunities for community-based learning and work experiences.

The Community Integration Program (CIP) serves students with Developmental Disabilities and Intensive Special Needs. All students have very individualized programming to demonstrate proficiency toward graduation. Students receive their education in the general education environment, in specialized content classes, and in community work experience.

Please contact team leaders for more information about your student's special education learning opportunities at BFA.

Novus: Michael Szewko - mszewko@maplerun.org

Learning Center: Heather Dunigan - hdunigan@maplerun.org

CIP: Kasia Bilodeau- kbilodeau@maplerun.org

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