Gillian debrief

Each year more and more children are affected by trauma and teachers can also experience secondary trauma.  It's important to know how to support everyone, so we've employed Dr. Gillian Boudreau to assist us in finding and supporting everyone's needs.  

Dr. Gillian Boudreau is a licensed clinical psychologist, a licensed school psychologist and a certified yoga teacher.   She has spent years as a clinician and evaluator in therapeutic and hospital-based schools in New York City and developed and directed the Succeed Program (now Compass), a school-based initiative in Vermont providing intensive behavioral programming in public elementary schools.  Dr. Boudreau currently treats clients in independent practice in Burlington Vermont, and specializes in the multimodal treatment of trauma, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety, and mood disorders.   Dr. Boudreau provides frequent consultation, training and evaluation services in Vermont to address behavior and emotional challenges, trauma, and maladaptive patterns in schools, and also teaches several college courses on trauma, resiliency, and mindfulness in education.  Dr. Boudreau also works with the NYU Nest Program in New York City which provides inclusive public school programming suitable for students on the autism spectrum.