Fairfield Center School Middle School Teams

FCS Middle School Core Values:

Inquire - Persist - Learn - Grow - Connect - Advocate

We believe that students, educators, and families must come together to cultivate middle schoolers' development and natural curiosity so that they will persist, learn, grow and advocate for what is right and true. We support the whole student, which includes their academics, their voice, and their connection to themselves, others, and to the land around them as they become future leaders of our community.

Sarah Blindow, Gabby Brown, Keeli Garceau, Cate Lamb, Luke Laroche, Heather Ann O'Dell, Stacey Tully  

   June 29, 2021

Members of the Middle School Team spent the week of June 28-June 2, 2021 with Dr. O'Dell at the Middle Grades Institute to develop a true middle school model for Fairfield Center School. Beginning in 2021, we will have a 5th & 6th grade team and a 7th & 8th grade team, providing an educational experience that more closely matches the needs of early adolescents. Through core instruction and interdisciplinary experiences, our middle grades students will Inquire, Persist, Learn, Grow, Connect, and Advocate.