ATHLETICS & After School Programs:

Middle School Basketball Grades 5-8

Please Read the letter from our Superintendent regarding Winter Sports Requirements. Link to the full letter

  • All players will need to wear masks in practices and games

  • All spectators will need to wear masks while attending games

Basketball Season Schedule Updated 12/9/21

Please not some adjustments are made to the master schedule including game times etc.

Please use this link to view the Master Schedule for the 5-8 Basketball Season. Link to Master Schedule

We will be posting individual Team Game Schedules shortly.

Weekly Practice Schedule is posted on Daily Announcements

Please click here for the Daily Announcements - you will see the weekly practice schedule posted there. Click Here

Transportation to Games

SATEC is working to provide bus transportation for all games. Presently there is a Bus Driver Shortage both locally and nationally. When students are transported to and from games via the bus there is a Federal Requirement that all occupants be masked. Thank you for your patience and understanding.