Message from the Principal September 5, 2017

Message from the Principal

September 5, 2017

Dear Partners in Education,

We had a great week last week!  I saw happy smiles and heard laughter everywhere I turned.  Children were busy experimenting with pendulums, solving a bank robbery mystery, learning about each other, learning about our expectations. We also had some hiccups with our bus routes; please know that we are working on these issues with our bus company.  All in all, it was a busy and wonderful start to our year.

I have a few notes to share with you as we move into week 2:

  1. Our Student Handbook is now online.  Go to to find it.

  2. Please only pack lunches that can be eaten cold. We do not have the staff or equipment to heat lunches for children. If a child brings a lunch to school that must be heated, we will feed the child and bill you for the meal. Thank you for your understanding. P.S. Thermos makes some amazing containers these days that will keep food hot for many hours… check out the Foogo.

  3. Please bring children for early morning arrival at or after 7:30am. Our staff members are not available or ready to supervise children until then.

  4. If you are picking your child(ren) up at school in the afternoons, they are released from classrooms after buses are dismissed. As we have improved each day with our dismissal system, it seems like we are sending children to the gym between 3:20 and 3:25.  If you wish to avoid a long wait, arriving between 3:15 and 3:20 is your best bet.

  5. Don’t miss Open House on September 14. Grades K-5 will meet parents at 6pm; grades 6-8 will meet parents at 6:30pm.  

Finally, thank you for the warm welcome you have provided me. It has been such a pleasure meeting many of you this past week. I am looking forward to a productive and joy-filled year!


Sean O’Dell, Interim Principal