Message from the Principal October 6, 2017

Dear Partners in Education,

We have been learning a ton at Fairfield Center School in our first month!  We have successfully completed our first fire drill and lockdown drill, we have had our first field trips, and we are busily preparing for Harvest Dinner!

I have a few notes to share with you as we move into our second month of school:

  1. We have been asking children to ride their normal bus to BNML (the yellow library).  Each bus was stopping at BNML.  This was causing some confusion for some children, so we are going back to one single bus that will stop at BNML.  

    1. Effective Wednesday, Bus 7 (Driver: Faith) will be the only bus stopping at BNML.  Faith and the teachers will help keep track of which children are supposed to go to BNML each day.  (grades K-5)

    2. Bus 7 was chosen since the driver knows most of our children and her bus is the least full.

    3. Bus 7 will be the first bus dismissed every day so we can reroute any children who mistakenly think they are going to BNML.

  2. Bus 2 (Driver: Sharon) is dropping children off at religion on Wednesdays (grades 3 and 5).

  3. Please submit your Free/Reduced Price Lunch applications to the school.  Even if you don’t believe you will qualify, if you do, having the form on file helps us maintain our Title I federal grant dollars.

  4. School pictures are October 10.  Smile pretty and run a comb through that hair!

  5. Please return your interest forms for our ski/snowboard field trips to Jay.  Grades 4-8 are invited to participate in these day-long excursions that include lessons and free skiing.

  6. Please expect last year’s SBAC results in November after our board presentation.

  7. Harvest Dinner is Sunday, October 29 from 11-1.  The PTO is running the event.  If you would like to volunteer, please let the school know.