FCS new principal Kelsey Malboeuf

As many school districts are struggling to fill positions, the competitive Fairfield principal hiring process welcomed nineteen candidates who were interested in the role.  The hiring process involved stakeholder input from staff and community members about the knowledge, skills, and traits that were desired in the next principal.  Following input forums, a hiring committee was formed and six candidates were interviewed for the position.  Two finalists were then selected and interviewed with MRUSD Central Office administrators and the superintendent, and spent time at Fairfield Center School.  At FCS, the finalists had a student-led tour before a student interview panel with student representatives from preschool through grade 8.  FCS staff and community members had opportunities to ask questions of the two finalists and provide feedback about strengths and areas that would need to be improved to be a successful principal at FCS.  Following input from students, staff, and community members, MRUSD Superintendent Bill Kimball recommended Kelsey’s hiring to the MRUSD board of directors on March 16, 2022 and the motion was approved unanimously.

Kelsey Malboeuf currently serves as the interim principal at FCS, a role she began in January 2022.  Kelsey began her work at Fairfield in 2012 as a paraeducator and eventually obtained licensure as an elementary classroom teacher, a role she filled for three years, before transitioning to the role of a special educator, which she held through December 2021.