The Maple Run Unified School District merged in 2017 and has since accomplished many of the operational goals established during the formation of the district. Our current mission is:

 The Maple Run Unified School District is where inquiring minds, compassionate hearts, creative expression, healthy lives and service to the community develop so all can learn, achieve and succeed.

 The board has elected to establish a subcommittee to design and implement a process to collect input from a broad range of stakeholders and recommend long-term goals (5 years) to the Maple Run Board by November 2022. We would be asking stakeholders for their hopes and dreams for all students.  

 We are looking for three to five community members who have experience and are willing to facilitate conversations with a diverse group of stakeholders representing our community.  Our initial list of stakeholders are, but is not limited to:

  • Students
  • Staff
  • Educators
  • Early Childhood Providers (Pre Kindergarten and Child Care)
  • High Educator Representatives
  • Businesses
  • Social Services
  • Government Officials
  • Community members without a direct connection to the school system.

 The committee is looking to bring together the Maple Run community’s hopes and dreams for all our children with a diverse perspective to express our common vision, mission and goals for our school system for the next 5 years. Community members with diverse identities are encouraged to apply.

 The subcommittee is currently structured with four board members and the superintendent, with the preference to not exceed ten people on the committee. The sub committee is looking for individuals who believe they could be successful in soliciting feedback from stakeholders. Individuals interested in joining the sub-committee, please submit the following to Bill Kimball by May 2, 2022: your name, why you would like to join, and the role(s) you would represent in the list above.