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November 18 , 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep our community safe and in following with guidance from the VT Agency of Education (AOE), Maple Run Unified School District (MRUSD) has and will be practicing a variety of emergency preparedness exercises throughout the year. This includes two required building evacuation drills, which have already occurred. In an evacuation or fire drill, our aim is to empty the building of occupants as quickly as possible, and then account for every student's whereabouts. These drills usually take approximately 10 minutes. At the end of each drill, staff will be given a survey to complete for feedback. We would like to commend the faculty, staff, and students for doing an excellent job with these important practice opportunities so far this year.

Another procedure we are introducing this year is options-based response to an active threat protocol, Run, Hide, Fight. This protocol, recommended by the VT Agency of Education, U.S. Department of Homeland Security and F.B.I., empowers staff and students with options during an active threat situation based on the information they have at their disposal. Those options are to stay with students in a secure location inside or to evacuate with students to a safe location outside the building. All Maple Run staff will have been trained by a certified trainer in this protocol by January. The District Safety team has given the PreK to 8 grade teachers talking points and a presentation as an option for these drills to be a discussion-based practice with students. There are not any physical-based drills planned this year for Run, Hide, Fight.

We believe that beginning with a very simple and short classroom discussion led by the teacher is the most appropriate way to introduce this information to students. Staff are informed of the days and times of the practice sessions in advance. The practice is outlined as follows and is designed to be as low stress an activity as possible for both adults and students.

  • The principal makes an announcement to the school over the intercom, "In a few moments we will be practicing what to do when we hear the word "lockdown" over the intercom. Your teacher will stop instruction and take a few minutes to talk about what to do."

  • Teachers have been provided with talking points to lead a brief discussion in the classroom. Sample language includes:

    • Today we are going to learn what to do when we hear the word, "Lockdown". Practicing this will help us all stay safe if something unexpected is happening at the school. We all have special and important jobs to do whenever we hear the word, Lockdown. Our first job is to get quiet and keep voices off. The second part of your job is to look at me and listen carefully for my directions. Sometimes we will stay inside. Other times, I might tell you that we are leaving the classroom. Remember, your job is just to keep your voices off and follow my directions. Now I will show you where we will go if we stay inside, and we will practice going there. On another day, we will practice leaving this space and going outside.

  • Principal says: "At this time we will begin our practice and discussion of what to do when you hear the word lockdown. Teachers, please take this time now to facilitate a discussion with your students.

There will be follow up practices for this procedure. All practices will be announced to staff and students in advance. No active threat "simulations" will occur. The following is the mandatory schedule for school drills.


Egress Drill

Options Based


        Required Egress Only



        Required Egress Only




Either Egress of Relocation




Either Egress of Relocation



Either Egress of Relocation



Either Egress of Relocation

School violence is not something anyone wants to think about, but we must do the best we can to be prepared for as many different emergency or potentially unsafe scenarios as possible. Thank you for your support in this effort.


The MRUSD District Safety Team


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