In an effort to enhance our school environment so that it is free from bullying and harassment, BFA will be upgrading our safety measures by providing an anonymous way for students to report an incident or potential incident. We have found that students want to speak up and let adults know what is going on, both offline and online but they are sometimes apprehensive that there will be repercussions. They don’t know who specifically to go to and they do not want to be identified or considered a “tattletale” or “narc” or “rat”.
Students appreciate when anonymous reporting mechanisms are provided for them. These systems also benefit educators who need to know what is going on at school that may impact the learning environment. Additionally, more and more states now require that schools allow anonymous student reporting systems to reduce bullying.
The form we have developed provides a simple and effective way for students to report incidents that they are not comfortable reporting in person. We designed this form to be simple but it includes many of the critical questions that would allow for documentation of an incident and proper investigation.

This report is intended to capture any incident that affects any students’ well-being:

  • Online harassment

  • Cases where students have sent threatening messages on social media

  • Online bullying

  • Bullying (name calling, teasing, taunting, inappropriate sexual comments, spreading rumors)

  • Planned fights inside or outside of school

  • Parties with illegal activity.

This form should not be used for situations that you consider an emergency. For all Emergencies please call 911 or your local Police Department.