Procedures and Requirements

  1. The student will be introduced to NCTC programs through a presentation done by, or an individual meeting with, the high school counselor, case manager, or NCTC representative.

  2. The student will have the opportunity to tour or shadow the NCTC after viewing the NCTC presentation, or at any time.

  3. The NCTC Program of Studies will be available on the NCTC website:  Paper copies will be available, by request, in the NCTC office or sending school Program of Studies.

  4. Program admittance is based upon a completed application that reflects the student’s success in the following three areas:


Attitude and behavior

Advancement toward proficiency

  1. A completed and signed application must be submitted to the NCTC office or designated area by a preferred deadline of January 15th.  Applications submitted after that date will be processed and placement will be made on a space available basis.

  2. The Northwest Career & Technical Center Admissions Committee will review all applications.

Some students may be eligible to enter the second year of a program without completing the first.  In these cases, the student will be asked to submit proof of competency in the field in question to the NCTC School Counseling Coordinator and/or the program instructor.  Students may be granted admission based on the demonstrated proficiency of their work.

Students and their home school counselors will be notified as soon as possible regarding each student’s official admission to NCTC.  Students who do not meet admission requirements will be sent a letter outlining available options.  All accepted students will be placed on a probationary status for ten NCTC school days, beginning with the first day of attendance.  This phase will be used for curriculum-based assessment and to determine the appropriateness of placement.  Students will automatically be granted full standing after the probationary period, unless notified of continued probationary status or withdrawal.

With the exception of the Outdoor Technology program, priority placement will be given to juniors first, sophomores second, and seniors third.  If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of students who can be placed, qualified students who applied by the preferred deadline will be randomly selected.  Those who are not selected will be placed on a waiting list and randomly drawn as positions open prior to the start of the academic school year.

Ninth through twelfth grade students may enroll in the single block specialty courses.  An application is not required.

Students with special needs, including students on Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and students on 504 plans, are encouraged to apply to the NCTC.  For enrollment protocol and information about supports available at NCTC, please contact the Special Needs Coordinator.

Once a student on an IEP has been accepted at NCTC, an IEP meeting must be held to determine the appropriateness of technical program placement.  If placement is appropriate, accommodations necessary for success in that program will be determined.  The meeting must be held before the student begins classes at NCTC.  Participants in the meeting will include the sending school special educator, NCTC Special Needs Coordinator, program instructor, parent/guardian, student, and others (as deemed necessary by the special educator and the NCTC Special Needs Coordinator.)  If a student, parent/guardian, or sending school prefers, this meeting may be held before a student applies to the NCTC to discuss the range of programs and services the NCTC can provide.

If you have questions about these procedures, please feel free to contact either:

Susan Bosland - Guidance Coordinator 527-6512

Jennifer Champagne - Special Needs Coordinator 527-6515