Supervision and Evaluation


Beginning of the Year

a. Educator to complete Self-Assessment. Utilized as a tool to reflect on your current practice and to guide professional growth, this is a tool for your use only and is required by the AOE to be self-verified for re-licensure.

b. Educator to complete Professional Growth Plan (aka Goal Setting Forms). Practice is the same, but now tied to Core Teaching Standards for Vermont Educators.

During the Year

a. Educator follows Professional Growth Plan

b. Conduct and Request Peer Walkthroughs (this is the sample link)

c. Walkthroughs by Educational Leaders

d. Formal Observations

End of the Year

a. Professional Growth Plan and Reflection/Revisions or Final Formal Observation completed.

b. Summative Feedback. Includes reflections/revisions and discussion of possible goals for next year may occur.


Educator Effectiveness Process

Self_Assessment on Teaching Practice

Professional Growth Plan (Goal Setting) Form

Pre-Conference Form (educator submits no later than 24 hours in advance of pre-conference meeting; include completed pre-conference form and other documents to support activities to be observed, i.e., lesson plans, curriculum maps, etc.)

Observation Rubrics (7 Elements) (In addition to the seven (7) standard elements as a part of reflective instruction, the educator is encouraged to also identify elements from the Marzano Evaluation Model and/or Vermont Core Teaching Standards to help derive professional practice and growth.

Comprehensive Observation Form (completed by evaluator within 2 days after observation and shared with educator to aid in the completion of their post-conference reflection)

Post-Conference Form (educator submits no later than 24 hours in advance of post-conference meeting; include completed post-conference form and, if needed, other evidence)


Marzano Teaching Framework

All Marzano Elements & Crosswalk to Teaching Standards