Thank You to All Local Boards
Kevin Dirth
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kevin Dirth, Superintendent

It is with bitter-sweet emotions that we celebrate this new beginning, as to have a new beginning we must first have an ending. In my relatively short tenure here, I have witnessed firsthand the total dedication and pride that our school board members bring to their positions. More often than not, it is a thankless job. Yet through divisions, differences of opinion and even some nay-saying, our board members in Franklin Central districts have endured, and always united towards what was best for the students of our communities.

This pride and endurance has allowed our district to take this next step into unification. Without the dedication, professionalism, and hard-fought battles, we would not stand on the solid ground that is beneath us now.

To all the past directors of each of the school boards of Franklin Central Supervisory Union, I thank you for your diligence and dedication, and most importantly for always keeping the needs of the students in the forefront of decisions.

It is important that we always celebrate our roots, even while change brings us into new dimensions. It is apparent through work already accomplished by the new Maple Run Unified School District that they are embracing the change of unification. It is also crystal clear that the passing of the torch includes the same professionalism, dedication and pride in our schools as school board members before them.  

As a community member, an education employee and Superintendent of the new district, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.