This year’s last day of school for MRUSD

This year’s last day of school for Maple Run Unified School District

State guidance is for districts to follow their regular school calendars for the remainder of the year.  We have also been told that we must at least use the state required minimum of 175 student days.  We have 177 student days and 9 additional PD days scheduled.  Because of the unusual circumstances of this year, it doesn't make sense to force the additional 2 student days.  Therefore, for this year, Maple Run will stick with 175 student days.  Taking our 3 snow days into consideration, as well as March 26, which we made into a student day, our last day for students will be June 15. 

The last day for teachers (if there is ever truly a last day) will be June 18

Here are a just a few things from our students for you to enjoy:

This video was created with the help of student council and Alan Steel.  It is a celebration of BFAs virtual Spirit Week and features student singers and musicians.  Enjoy!

Food Delivery Thanks from Cassidy

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