Two Videos Highlighting our Students Talents

Music teachers from Maple Run Unified School District have created virtual music ensembles through remote learning activities in an effort to engage students and make music for all to enjoy.   Alex Charpentier, MRUSD Orchestra Director and Armand Messier, Choral Director, at BFA organized and coached students in their respective ensembles to make performance recordings.  

Orchestra students from across all schools in the district (as well as additional students from the neighboring Missisquoi Valley School District) recorded the Finale to “Orpheus In The Underworld,” composed by J. Offenbach.

Students from BFA Chorus classes recorded, “We Are The World,” written by L. Richie and M. Jackson.

Both teachers independently collated their student’s recordings and created virtual ensembles through a combination of audio mixing and video editing.

Mr. Charpentier and Mr. Messier are thankful to all the students from the district who voluntarily participated by sending video and audio recordings.  Without their students’ hard work and dedication, these projects would not have come to fruition.  In addition, Mr. Messier would like to thank all who sent in additional photographs for “We Are The World.”  These photographs help illustrate this project which aids in telling our local story. Mr. Messier states, “Every person pictured in ‘We Are The World’ has a connection to our community, many dear to us personally.” 

Finally, kudos to Alex and Armand for their work and dedication to their students.  Both videos are examples of the creativity of our teachers during these unprecedented times.