School Threats
Brenda Comstock
Friday, September 13, 2019

I hate having to share with you a letter explaining our procedures when a school gets a threat, but in today's world we do have to be prepared. You can find the letter here: While the letter shares our process, I want you to know that an immense amount of continuous training goes into school safety at Maple Run. Regular safety meetings that include representatives from each school, Collins Perley and Central Office, along with police, cover every topic on the subject. With this team the district has developed common language so that everyone, including parents and the community, will know what is being said when they hear the terms. 

A brochure was created explaining the terms and how best to help during a crisis, find it here:

The team discusses and reviews procedures, reviews drills regularly done at each site and work on areas that could be improved. They hold modified tabletop exercises created by the police department, that essentially place them in the midst of a crisis so that they have to talk through what their responsibility is in the moment. The debriefing also provides valuable information to help improve the process. They attend training, including Run, Hide, Fight, Stop the Bleed. 

Why am I sharing this? Any crisis situation is difficult. More difficult when children are involved, and still worse when it may be your children. We want you to know that we take our responsibility seriously. Every effort is made to avoid crisis situations, but should one happen in our district, I want you to know that our team is as prepared as anyone can be, and have forged strong relationships with law enforcement. Any parent will be stressed near panic during a crisis where you have no control, but we ask that you trust us to always do what is best for our students. Though we all hope a crisis will never happen, we will not stop training for the worst.