2019 Superintendent's Award
2019 Superintendent's Award
Brenda Comstock
Thursday, September 19, 2019

At the August Maple Run Unified School District convocation Jim Naylor, Special Educator at St. Albans City School, was named for the Superintendent's Leadership award for 2019. Nominations for the Award is open to any non-administrative employee of the Maple Run Unified School District who displays exceptional performance in their action and behavior to continue the District’s tradition of excellence in support of our mission.  

Jim Naylor with Riley McNulty

Consideration is given to nominees who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Displays exceptional performance in their action and behavior above and beyond their required duties
  • Takes extraordinary steps to achieve results that enhance instruction and operation of the district
  • Generously and positively impacts the school and community through selfless acts
  • Displays exceptional dedication, leadership, initiative and respect to carry out the mission of MRUSD
  • Demonstrates a high quality of work performance including creativity and initiative
  • Exhibits a positive attitude towards fellow employees, students, the public and work demonstrated by availability, cooperation, courtesy, friendliness, helpfulness, and presence on the job.

Only one person is chosen from roughly 600 staff annually to receive the award. This year, to a standing ovation, Mr. Naylor was given the title. It was a well-deserved honor as sited in the note which was read to those present. In part it stated: He has a vision of supporting all students in their pursuit of success during and after high school. Jim’s other passion is Special Education. As the coach of unified sports at BFA St. Albans, all of team members are number one. He is very kind and gentle with the students and very accepting of each as a special and unique individual. He sees children with disabilities for what they can do and pushes them to do their very best. In addition to all of this, he is also a model of the third bullet: Generously and positively impacts the school and community through selfless act. A former employee, Shirley Raymond, found herself needing a liver transplant. Jim stepped up and donated 2/3 of his liver to Shirley. The operation was a success, and both are doing well.

Jim Naylor and Shirley Raymond

Shirley Raymond was present to present Jim with the award.