Message to the Community
Brenda Comstock
Friday, October 13, 2017

As a precaution, BFA St. Albans went into a secure the school command today due a student report. There was a post on a social media site that the student interpreted as threatening. School Resource Officer Will Furnari acted immediately and contacted St. Albans Police Department.

Both local elementary schools, SACS and SATEC, went into a modified lockdown mode as a precautionary measure, which was coordinated by our School Resource Officers (SRO) Will Furnari and Roger Langevin.  
Upon investigation it was clear that there was no threat. At no point did we have to adjust our schedule or take any extraordinary measures.  All schools were cleared of threat and returned to normal activity.
We are thankful that our SROs and the St. Albans Police acted swiftly to ensure there was no danger to our students, and that our saftey protocals were followed.