Maher Receives Scholarship
Maher Receives Scholarship
Brenda Comstock
Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Out of 49 applications received for the VT-NEA Maida F. Townsend Scholarship, only 10 were selected. BFA’s Robbie Maher was one of the 10!

As reported by Kristin Corrigan, a BFA employee, in a special to the St. Albans Messenger, the scholarship is awarded annually to sons and daughters of Vermont-NEA members. 
Applicants were given the following essay prompt “As you reflect upon your learning and education to this point, what changes would you make in the school system to more effectively meet your needs and the needs of your peers.”
“...I believe there are tremendous opportunities available to students through the Flexible Pathways Program and those that may be similar,” Maher wrote in answer. “A student that is involved in an activity that they love is more likely to produce high-quality work because of their excitement toward the content. It is very similar to the concept of acquiring a job that you love so that it doesn’t feel like work.”