Student SpeakChorus
Student SpeakChorus
Brenda Comstock
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

If you have never viewed a video I've posted, you will want to view this one. Parents, teachers, community members - you can be incredibly proud of our students. A diverse group of 28 students, grades 6 - 12, from each of our district schools came together to create a student leadership presentation at the district convocation. They presented to about 600 teachers and staff. The results were incredible. 

This touching, powerful presentation had eyes stinging across the board. The presentation was based on three poems written by student Alex Haag. There were four standing ovations. There were many messages: everyone is included; everyone has a part to play - a role in making something better. We have the responsibility to take care of each other and our community. We are strongest together. We can't just hear, we need to listen; we can't just talk, we need to communicate. 

And most clearly the students said: if you give us the tools we need, we've got this. 

I will give you the link to the convocation video beginning at the student presentation, but feel free to watch the entire thing.

After the presentation, students led the adults in an activity and further showed their leadership skills. The students were: 

Maple Run SpeakChorus

Lindsay Bernard           Aidan Forbes                 Aiden Parah

Ben Birnbaum              Maya Frost                    Emily Parent

Jakob Birnbaum           Madi Gagner                Lianna Roque

Isabella Bonasera         Patience Getty              Lyla Rouleau

Sophie Brown               Alex Haag                     Ethan Shannon

Carly Charron               Leeza Kusmit                 Ella Simmons

Jack Curry                     Genevieve LaClair        Adsel Sparrow

Rebekah Dalmer          Karen McDaniel           Nicole Trahan

Pilot DesLauriers          Rosie Newton               Sydney Ward

Emily Farrell                

Theatrical Direction - Susan Palmer

Musical Direction - Molly Hartman and Aram Barsumian

Production - Joan Cavallo