Movie Extras at St. Albans City School
Brenda Comstock
Thursday, October 04, 2018

October 6, 2018 St. Albans City School will be one of the locations in a new film called Soulmates.  Twelve 9 to 13 year old City School students will be cast as extras or with small speaking parts for this section. Around 45 students auditioned September 20th.

According to the movie company; “The Soulmates Movie is a female buddy comedy about two 20 something women who live in small town Vermont. When “big maple” moves in and starts buying up small family farms, the small town is turned on its head and Samantha's father's farm is in jeopardy of falling victim to the buyout. But Jess meets a dashing young man from out of town, who as we could guess, works for Peterson Maple. The star-crossed lovers begin their romance, leaving Sam to wonder how things will turn out. The two have been inseparable since they were young and now Langdon is placed to undo it all. Will the two girls find a way to stop the corporate takeover or will Jess run off with the young hotshot and leave Sam holding the bill? With a whole host of notable and recognizable characters, Soulmates is a family friendly movie that the whole family can enjoy from start to finish.”