SACS Students Awarded at Washington DC
SACS Students Awarded at Washington DC
Brenda Comstock
Monday, November 26, 2018

Parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, community members - this is a time when you can be PROUD!!

Six of our St. Albans City School students travelled to Washington DC on November 14th representing the winners of the 2018 Student Voices Award. This is the first time a Vermont School has received the award - and the FIRST PreK-8 SCHOOL in the NATION to EVER receive this award. Now, take a moment; be proud. Then bragg to all of your friends! 

St. Albans City School students presented to an audience of state leaders and guests from national education organizations, the U.S. Department of Education, policy makers and corporate partners. The students highlighted specific examples of how technology tools and resources provided them with personalized learning opportunities infused with innovative, project-based learning. Students led a presentation about their projects, demonstrating pride and caring for their school community and environment, while emphasizing the role technology had in making those projects possible. They also shared the e-portfolio system that captures the many dimensions of each child’s learning pathway through their years from pre k-12.

Secretary DeVos said to the St. Albans students, “Learning is fun, and it can be interesting and exciting. School should be too. We want to empower you to make it so. You are 100 percent of our future; you deserve 100 percent of our effort.”

Vermont Education Secretary Dan French said "I am pleased and proud that St. Albans City School has been recognized as both the first Vermont school and the first PreK-8 school nationwide to receive the SETDA Student Voices Award. It’s a testament to the innovative spirit of #vted educators, who are constantly finding new ways to integrate technology into the classroom at every level. It’s just one of the many ways we are building a world-class education system that guarantees quality and equity for all Vermont learners. St. Albans’ method, incorporating technology at the core of the student experience, is outstanding and worthy of emulation". 

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