Adam Parent – Fitness Trainer

Ruth Cronin

Mike Mashtare

Beth Hayford

Kelsey Malbeouf

Lille Bowler

Andrea Gagner

Jerry Shepard

Bill Doig

Carla Desnoyers

Trudy Cioffi

Adam manages the Fitness Gym at Collins Perley where he has been a National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified Personal Trainer since 2006 as well as a USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. He enjoys working with clients of all abilities. He has helped individuals with weight loss, running, strength training, muscle building, and joint rehabilitation. He has also helped clients with programs for continued progress and conditioning after cardiac rehabilitation. Adam also works as a Personal Trainer for private clients and is a Certified Massage Therapist.

Ruth has worked in the Fitness Gym at Collins Perley since 2001. She is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) as a Fitness Trainer and as a specialist in Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Therapy, and Senior Fitness. She has personal experience in running and triathlon training. As well as being a trainer in the CP Fitness Gym, Ruth teaches our Tai Chi class and works with private clients as a Trainer and Coach.

Mike has been involved with helping people get or stay healthy for over 30 years as a Physical Education teacher and coach of Cross Country Running, Nordic Skiing, and Track and Field. After being a SPINNING® participant, Mike has decided to take his endurance training to the front of the class as a Certified SPINNING® Instructor.

Beth’s career in the fitness industry began in 1991. Since then she’s worked as a SPINNING® Instructor, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Health and Fitness Challenge Coach, as well as a Strength Class Instructor. She is certified by FiTOUR® in Personal Training, SPINNING®, and Group Fitness. Beth teaches a variety of SPINNING® and exercise classes as well as group fitness challenges.

Kelsey has been an athlete all her life and is truly passionate about health and wellness. She is a certified SPINNING® Instructor as well as a Personal Trainer. She has been teaching Boot Camp classes since 2010 and SPINNING® classes since 2011. Kelsey enjoys helping people reach their goals and challenge themselves.

Lille is a Fitness Coach and certified SPINNING® Instructor at Collins Perley. She has been teaching cardio & strength and SPINNING® classes since 2009. She has a great amount of experience working with people of all ages and fitness levels. Her constant goal is to help people live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Andrea has been a cycling Instructor since 2000 and has recently been certified as a SPINNING® Instructor. She has collaborated in developing and instructing numerous fitness classes over the past 4 years. She has participated in several road, obstacle course and Spartan® races. She instructs classes at several locations, including Collins Perley.

Jerry has always had a passion for exercising, beginning from when he was a boy in middle school. He has always made time for exercise, from garage workouts to marathons and triathlons. Now a Personal Trainer at Collins Perley, Jerry enjoys working with clients of all abilities.

Bill began his own personal exercise program in 2010 believing it is important to be physically engaged at all times. He has been working the early morning shift at the Fitness Gym at Collins Perley since 2012. He appreciates the opportunity to interact with the terrific staff and the great members who use the facility!

Carla has been working as a science teacher in the education field since 1986. She integrates her knowledge of nutrition, biology, anatomy and physiology into the fitness programs she designs. She’s had a lot of experience and instruction from a well-known exercise physiologist, Jackie Brown, and enjoys writing a diversity of programs for all fitness levels.

Trudy began teaching group fitness classes at UVM while in college, and since then has gained a huge following. She maintains that fitness has been an important part of her life since high school. Her class is a total body workout, all while getting your heart rate pumping with some cardio. Her Cardio, Core and More class at Collins Perley is one of our most popular classes.