You will find that the fitness room trainers are unique in their experience but very similar in their passions. All of our trainers are committed to helping our clientele find their personal success, even their own fitness passions! Please contact us anytime. Take a tour, meet the trainers, ask many questions.

Adam Parent
Adam enjoys training all levels and abilities. He especially enjoys bringing the awareness to individuals of just how possible it is to achieve their transformation; whether it’s weight loss, strength training, building muscle, or returning from an injury. Adam believes that all an individual needs to make a transformation possible is focus and determination.

Adam’s exercise regime has come via sports throughout his childhood and transitioned into weightlifting in his early twenties. Shortly after high school Adam began weightlifting. Initially, he weighed 150 lbs but increased his body weight to 165 lbs of additional muscle. His focus was building awareness of his body through exercise and becoming stronger. As he advanced he became more fascinated with how the body works and began studying to achieve a certificate of massage therapy and bodywork through the Community College of Vermont. At the same time he began specifically training in powerlifting and also Olympic lifting. In the next two and a half year span Adam increased his body weight from 165 lbs to 220lbs through his learned weightlifting. Adam also has experience with and understands the difficulties that come with recovering from injuries.

Shortly after completing college he became certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and a Level 1 Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. Recently he has become a certified spinning instructor through Mad Dog Athletics.Adam enjoys spreading the knowledge has acquired to others and watching people succeed.

Brian Clukey – NCSF (National Council of Strength & Fitness)

Brian has been engaged in the field of health and wellness since 2009. As a certified personal trainer he has a strong passion to disseminate knowledge about health and physical activity to everyone. In order for behavior change to happen he believes you need the help of others. This is why whether he’s working or working out he always has an open ear.

When working with clients he makes sure each member receives the personally tailored training that everyone needs. An individual who is willing to learn and understand the importance of movement are individuals Brian truly enjoys working with.

Carla Desnoyers
Carla is a college science instructor and teaches all areas of biology, including anatomy, physiology and nutrition. She keeps abreast of current research in fitness and health, and has been assisting individuals of all ages, health and fitness levels set and meet realistic health and fitness goals for over 30 years.Carla has maintained an athletic lifestyle, has a passion for sports, and is an avid skier and golfer. She is particularly enthusiastic about writing sport specific programs for athletes.

Carla works regularly with individuals with physical injuries or limitations and appreciates the challenges and rewards that result. She has personal experience recovering from injuries and takes pleasures in helping others overcome any obstacles they may have.

Jerry Shepard

Jerry began lifting weights in the early 1950’s and has a strong passion for weightlifting. Jerry has been working at Collins Perley for 19 years and he enjoys working with all age groups.

Jerry especially enjoys creating sport specific programs for members and enjoys working with those who are self motivated.