A message from Partners in Restorative Change (PiRC):

Rescheduling Today's Community Conversation

As a result of the unrest in the community, those of us on the Design Team have decided to reschedule the community conversation. We have talked 3 times since last Monday about the holiday memo and the impact of the harsh online postings that resulted. We did not know this memo was coming out. The language of “storming” used in some posts to describe how the forum would be disrupted. This language and the negative assumptions made about others created concern for the potential for violence.  

The purpose of this forum is two-fold: one, to create the conditions for everyone’s voice to be heard and respected, and two, to elevate shared community values so that disagreements can lead to growth and positive change. We believe that real conversations across lines of difference are possible. We believe Vermonters want to bridge the growing gaps that often divide us. 

However, given the high level of upset and stress in response to the memo and out of concern for everyone’s safety, we are pausing this conversation today and we will reschedule. We are going to give ourselves more time to adjust our plan given the new developments and reschedule a community event after the beginning of the year. There is work to do to heal as a community and we look forward to doing that with you. This decision to reschedule was advocated for by those of us on the Design Team. We imagine this will be a very hard decision for some of you and a relief for others. It was not an easy decision for us to make. Let’s continue to work together so we can have these needed conversations. This community is worth it.